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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 26, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning everybody. >>: will work in up to
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generally clear skies this tuesday morning. temperatures are fairly mild couple inured 6359 encountered 57 degrees. where are accepting clear skies for mostly this morning. >>: lunchtime today will see generally '50s and '60s and '70s. will be seen '60s and '70s by lunchtime. his tire has a breakdown. no surprise that the warmest areas and inland. 86 and and yet and livermore. oakland at 573.
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ladies and san jose and sunnyvale. 82 in san rafael. bel >>: temperatures will peak on friday and elderly nice beach weather and there will back off on the temperatures are low but for the weekend. with plenty of sunshine for the next several days. you can see we have traffic. >>: the drive time from
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oakland to san francisco is 11 minutes. a word gives you all looked at the san mateo bridge. and traffic is very like to with the drive time is 14 minutes right now. >> james: is struck about 5:00 in the evening no significant shaking or damage from the aftershocks. a total of 70 buildings have been red tag where those buildings are uninhabitable. all power has been sparse towards pg&e customer. that effort shows that 90 water pipeline breaks have been recorded. >> james: today aboard of
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supervisors declared account interest rate of emergency. dichotomous facilities in vallejo allow the account books to file for reimbursement for the quick. >> james: historic church is looking to collapse to the ground. >>: there are a lot of memories inside this church >> james: i remember going to this tower as a child. singer is going down is heartbreaking >> darya: maybe we would of
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lost the structure will would not have lost the church itself because the church is the members that's the way i see that. >>: all tool data a.m. is the time that i come to serve the homeless it will come earlier would have been in trouble and never the breaks my heart. >>: it's a really scary able every thing that happened the other day is really scary. >> james: seven buildings and at the vallejo including
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the post office has been considered uninhabitable prepared. $2 million in the funding is coming to california to help prepare for the damages of the earthquake. the total could go higher. they're looking to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced were all bridges are safe for traffic the earthquake still dave surface damage. >> james: more pictures keep coming into the news room to join the damage. from boats that were not offer their blocks. they're said to us
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by san francisco commercial fisherman. as bad as they looked there were not damaged too badly. red-
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tagged -- meaning those district campuses are closed dollars worth in damages to
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coming up. and how wineries are >> james:police say a woman was sexually assaulted on a rohnert park.
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>> james:they say this happened >> james:police say the man came up behind her and grabbed her neck. she was able to get away. >> james:the suspect is described as a white male around 19 years old. he is said to be five foot 11 with a thin build, brown hair and clean shaven. >> james:he was said to be wearing a russian style hat and black >> james:a hip-hop singer who performed at a concert friday night in mountain >> james:view-- where a man was shot to death-- was among the six people arrested. >> james:mountain view police arrested jay "young jeezy" jenkins, a hip-hop artist on tour with wiz khalifa-- on suspicion of illegal firearms possession at a theater in irvine. >> james:police obtained search warrants at the irvine theater for jenkins and five others during a homicide investigation. >> james:the others arrested were kena marshall, peter maynard, david kuniansky- altman , william gilmore, and alexa beason. >> james:police say victim-- eric johnson was gunned down at the shoreline
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amphitheatre during the concert. >> james:he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later >> james:no one has been arrested in connection with johnson's death. said thethere's both good and bad news on crime in san jose. and >> james:police say while violent crimes are up slightly this year. the total number of serious crimes in the city were down nine percent compared to last year. that's according to san jose police. >> james:the biggest drop was in homicides. they fell by nearly 21 percent in the first six months of the year. 19 murders versus 24 >> james:vehicle thefts and >> james:however, rapes spiked by nearly 18 percent, and governor jerry brown just signed a bill into law-- that should make smartphones a lot less vulnerable to prospective thieves in the bay area/ >>:authored by state senator mark leno, senate bill 9-62 requires all smartphones sold in the state to come equipped with anti-theft technology. bellunder the new law, if a
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phone is stolen or lost-- the "kill switch" technology will allow the phone's owner to remotely lock and wipe their device, rendering it useless. >>:if the smartphone is later found, the owner can restore the phone's functionality >>:the new law will take effect next july.
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>> james:the napa valley vintners trade association is still assessing the effects sunday's earthquake had on napa county's wine industry. >> james:cleanup is underway at a number wineries, including the hess collection winery in napa. >> james:so much cabernet sauvignon wine spilled -- that it stained the ground red. >> james:two large tanks with the red wine ruptured. and it spilled into the winery's garden area. >> james:nonetheless. the company expects to re-open its doors on tomorrow. >> james:there is concern by some. that all of the damage to local wineries. will ultimately lead to higher wine prices. >> james:kron 4's j-r stone has more on that potential impact. after he visited several wineries and
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vineyards. >> reporter: the rush is on to salvage as much wine as possible after the earthquake. the main building at the vineyard is a hundred and 28 years old. >>: or more to do everything we can. >> reporter: at the winery ills about cleaning up this mess 90 percent of these barrels came tumbling down. billions of dollars of 2012 and 2013 vintages scattered every way. >>: the line that comes idles this will probably more valuable. >> reporter: production should not be affected according to these dollars.
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>>: weekend delayed the process of people coming in. so attractive debt built this expeditiously as possible. >>: many of them won't be ready to be picked for for few weeks but many of them are ready. >> reporter: the one thing that hits you the smell of the spilled wine. something we definitely cannot sell. some believe the loss of this asian aging wine will have a trigger down affect. >> reporter: is a live look at our san mateo bridge.
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will see some clouds and and that's brought redstart. this is really not going to impact the u.s.. we may see dangers caused conditions on the beaches. i think in the bay area were generally going to see some strong burst wellspring. >> reporter: '50s and '60s generally as a lake in up with a canelo '80s. east on the east brae 79 in the
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walnut creek. 79 of the lead held 65 air richmond 77 and union city. oakland as 573 berkeley 67 san francisco 68 in mid '60s for the daily city area in the bottle by high of 77. >> reporter: the temperatures are going to continue to warm through wednesday and thursday. we're going to finally be back in the '90s in the inland spots. that which is close to the mid-90s towards private. milliken i-lausanne and low 80s on friday. it is nice beach weather if you have friday off. >> reporter: the weekend
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that too bad as well still warm. >>: but the road work continues on 580 westbound. in iraq and richmond. the rep will be closed. traffic is very light in both directions. the entire area is looking problem free with no high spots. >> james:stirring eulogies and heartfelt goodbyes for michael brown in saint louis monday. >> james:thousands gathered for his funeral, two weeks after the 18-year-old was killed by a police officer's bullet. >> james:meantime, another potential witness comes forward. >> james:catherine callaway is in jennings, missouri with the details.
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>> reporter: on the day were family friends and thousands of mourners gathered to say their final goodbyes to michael brown. a man who lived near the scene of the shooting says he inadvertently recorded on audio of the gun shots when michael brown was killed. >> reporter: in the recording of a quick series of shots at was recorded in and out more shot see in and cannot verify the authenticity of the tape. >>: again tonight we deplored no maist teargassed and no police officer fired a single bullet.
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>> reporter: marbled akin the third the family of martin and the rev. jesse jackson. wall there. >>: we will not accept 3/5 to justice. >> james:attorneys for wisconsin and indiana are set to defend their states' gay marriage bans before a federal appeals court in chicago. >> james:civil rights advocates had challenged both states' bans, arguing that they violated gay couples' right to equal protection. >> james:federal judges in both states struck their respective bans down in june. >> james:both argue states have the authority to set marriage standards. >> james:the outcome could directly affect hundreds of couples who were married after the judges overturned the bans but before their rulings were put on hold.
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>> james:more than 120 health workers have died of ebola across west africa. >> james:the announcement from the world health organization came as japan said it was ready to provide an anti-influenza drug as potential treatment to fight ebola. >> james:the who said earlier this month that it is ethical to use untested drugs on ebola patients given the magnitude of the outbreak. >> james:ebola has killed more than 14-hundred people in west africa in the latest outbreak. >> james:the u.s. has begun surveillance flights over syria after president barack obama gave the ok. >> james:this a move that could pave the way for airstrikes against islamic state militant targets there. >> james:while the white house says obama has not approved military action inside syria, additional intelligence on the militants would likely be necessary before he could take that step. >> james:two u.s. officials said monday that obama had approved the flights, while another u.s. official said today that they had begun. the u.s. began launching >>
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james: strikes against the islamic state inside iraq earlier this month. >> james:take a look at this flooding. >> james: intense summer rain has led to deadly flooding in a coastal south korean city. >> james:at least five people are dead in busan, where rushing water filled subway tunnels. >> james:authorities report another five people are missing -- possibly swept out to sea by flooding. >> james:the city's nuclear power plant was closed in the emergency.
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>> james:tim lincecum is now a relief pitcher. >> james:lincecum. doesn't look too sad about the demotion >> james:seeming to enjoy his time in the bullpen.
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>> james:jake peavey getting the start against the rockies. loses his balance on the mound it's a balk drew stubbs scores tying the game. >> james:then in the 7th. looks like peavey strikes out tyler matzek looking but umpire doug eddings calls it a ball matzek eventually walked peavey not happy! next batter >> james:charlie blackmon singles to right hunter pence throws home close play at the plate and eddings calls the runner safe bochy and peavey argue >> james:the call was challenged and overturned out at the plate. bottom of the 8th. >> james:eddings calls out buster posey on a pitch that looks low posey can't believe it bochy has had enough he was ejected >> james:and the giants fall to the rockies 3-2. >> james:oakland taking on houston and josh donaldson
4:27 am
back in the lineup after a knee injury scare >> james:top of the 4th josh reddick hits a 2-run home run off up 3-0. bottom 8th still 3-0 a's >> james:former "a" chris carter hits a 2-run home run off jeff samardzija who was otherwise excellent 3-2 a's >> james:but in the 9th. the a's shut the door on the astros. >> james:donaldson doubles down the left field line andy parrino and eric sogard score >> james:the angels got hammered by the marlins. so we're all tied up at the top of the a-l west. >> james:49ers ceo jed york can't be too happy right now. >> james:this is what the field looked like today at his $1.3 billion palace. >> james:torn up at levi's stadium for the 2nd time in four the 49ers race against time to get new sod in place in time for their regular season home opener against the bears september 14th. >>'s not the way
4:28 am
york and company wanted to showcase the stadium heading into the season.but the bermuda grass they laid in in mid april was too soft.players were digging out huge chunks with their cleats.slipping and was a big injur >> james:question 20 days enough for this new sod to grab hold.or will they have the same issues all year? >> james:as for the parking issues at levi's. >> james:the 49ers shelled out $12.5 million dollars to try and >> james:that's what they paid the folks at great america to close the amusement park on gamedays thus freeing up 6,500 parking spots for niners fans to use. >> james:we'll have to wait and see if that alleviates some of the traffic issues as well * *
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>> reporter: is a live look.
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we're with enough to clear skies out there. for the afternoon and be very pleasant conditions. ninety's pretend in lynn. and it looks like friday of the very nice beach weather. >> reporter: concord is a 5952 and san jose 51 degrees for north bay friends and a bottle. as for livermore any action san jose will be in the '80s. san francisco was to be in the '60s when there be a very nice day with lots of sunshine. >> reporter: blue '80s in sunnyvale and san jose. 79 in redwood city. downtown
4:32 am
san francisco opera '60s. seven natural high in napa 73 in oakland in mid '80s for antioch in livermore. >> reporter: the warming trend continues in texas into thursday and friday. friday being our warmest day. and that's the day at spectacles to be very nice. my up to one conditions with temperatures in the '70s. once the kids are out for school you can take the to the beach for a very nice afternoon. >> reporter: at the bay bridge we are seeing construction 80 eastbound. the right lanes are closed until 7:00 this morning. the drive time from hayward to san mateo is around 14 minutes this morning.
4:33 am
inosilicates the golden gate bridge in looks to be some rules on the st. will not sure what they're going will we will take a look. >> reporter: then looks like in at the direction headed into san francisco in looks to be a northbound they're not in the cards here if they had it from and the north bay into san francisco that are no problems in that direction. and here's a look at your richmond san rafael bridge. >> james:here is the latest. about 3-quarters of the buildings damaged in napa have been inspected. >> james:a total of 70 buildings are red-tagged -- meaning those buildings are uninhabitable >> james:napa valley unified school district campuses are closed on tuesday.
4:34 am
>> james:all power has been restored >> james:and officials say, significant progress has been made as repairs continue. about 90- water line breaks >> james:were reported in napa. many have been repaired as crews continue to work through the night hours. some businesses on mare island are without water because of internal structural damage. >> james:the teen boy who was critically injured by falling debris during the quake while he slept, has undergone surgery. the good news. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. >> james:nicholas dylan was nearly crushed to death after the napa earthquake caused a chimney to fall on top of him. >> james:dylan was on the soccer team at new technology high >> james:his friends and family are wishing him a speedy recovery. >>: we are very grateful that it wasn't anything worse than what it was likely he's young and energetic in able to move.
4:35 am
nicholas also told his aunt that he will never sleep >> james:-1pm: napa valley unified school district from tam: >> james:another school newser at 1pm to provide an update on status of schools. >> james:-we need to send a vj with a dejero to this 1p newser to put up on 24-7. this may change in the morning. if parents are still looking for a place to send their children. there is the boys and girls club in napa. >> james:the director of the club says that as long as school is not in session, the boys and girls club will be open. >>: at top of the worst and it wasn't that bad that made
4:36 am
it easier to come in and do what i needed to do. it's really sad to see. >> james: again that no school today but ask for wednesday will let you know when we get the word. >>: as long as schools not in session we will open the doors. we hope to kids do come down. >> james:the club is open from 7 in the morning until the end of >> james:inspectors made a lot of headway monday checking the many historic buildings in napa damaged by
4:37 am
ther quake. >> james:kron 4's scott rates has the details. >> reporter: building after building red tag after red tag. even and the post office that's been serving since 1933 are deemed unsafe. this shop owner almost a place downtown and he hopes he does not receive a rare attack. city officials so far says 70 buildings are red tag and more than a hundred yellow tags. >>: we have belittled of water in the back. so once
4:38 am
we get this fix we should be open for business. with been cleaning up our other warehouse this and another 48 hours we should be aware of what's final. >> james:here's a look at some of the damage in american canyon, near the quake epicenter. >> james:this is what "fabbri statuary" looks like the day after: >> james:piles and piles of broken flower pots. statues. fountains. birdbaths. figurines. >> james:some items fell off shelves and broke to pieces. >> james:others fell over. and chipped or cracked. >> james:dozens of antique pots shattered too. which cost 300- to 500 dollars a piece. >> james:we'll continue our coverage online at kron 4 dot com. and our facebook and twitter pages. and on the kron four mobile app.
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>> james:louisville has a new lincoln rolling off the lines. >> james:a new luxury crossover is being built at ford's louisville assembly plant. >> james:ford says it created 300 jobs for the lincoln m-k-c production line, after a 129-million- dollar upgrade of the plant. >> james:ford executives and local officials celebrated the launch of the lincoln m- k-c during an event at the plant
4:42 am
>> james:having trouble with your iphone 5 battery? >> james:you might be eligible for a free replacement. >> james:apple said "a very small percentage" of iphone 5 smartphones may "suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently." >> james:only iphone 5 smartphones sold between september 2012 and january 2013 are eligible, and only those that fall within a certain range of serial numbers. >> james:go to apple's website to determine whether your phone is eligible. >> james:the 66th annual emmy awards honored tv's best of the best monday night. >> james:martha shade has the details on the big winners. and a touching tribute. on television's biggest night. >> reporter: first-time host set mires set emmy's off with a laugh. >> reporter: with jim
4:43 am
parsons at the last laugh as he brought the trophy home for the fourth time. and billy crystal had a very heartfelt tribute. >>: it's very hard to talk about him in the past when he was so present. he was the brightest star in the galaxy for 40 years. >> reporter: and paul and at not done one for a supporting actor actor and actress and a job. for hollywood minute i'm martha shade. >> james:williams was also
4:44 am
remembered at the m-t-v video music awards sunday in inglewood >> james:the tribute showed photos of the actor through his career.
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>> reporter: if you wanted beach weather this week you're going to get it. we are waking up to clear status of this to is this morning. timber trees are in the '60s. san rose as a 59. we're also watching hurricane and read in the mexican specific pacific. it
4:47 am
has stronger recurrence and it can be damaging towards the southern california coastline. >> reporter: were expecting for the bay area is lots of sunshine. 81 in san jose up 1/7 east in the mountain view area. -the east bay location at walnut creek 87 famous and pittsburgh 86 in livermore. 75 in plant san leandro. a high of 73 in the oakland and 67 and san francisco. >> reporter: the warming trend continues through tomorrow and through friday. friday is the warmest day. nl be the best they to go
4:48 am
to the beach and will finally see temperatures in the '70s towards our coastal locations. >> reporter: here's a look at to traffic. it is still looking like in problem free no hot spots to reports. we concedes the steel assets across the bridge. i showed you earlier a car and some cruse on the northbound direction and now that is clear to the left traffic moving in both directions. >> reporter: san rafael bridge is hot spots for.
4:49 am
>> james:one thing the experts agree on: a major quake could strike the bay area at any time. >> james:and as kron four's justine waldman shows us, many of the injuries in the napa quake have lessons for us all. >> reporter:sherry atwood's daughter suffered a broken hip when a standing mirror fell on her as she slept. >>:she couldnt remove the mirror? >>:she was in too much pain >> reporter:tierra crowley escaped with a few bruises. >>:a cabinet came down on me >>:this young man learned about the dangers of sleeping under an aquarium. >> reporter:those are three reasons to make sure your bedroom is secure. check around your bed. >> reporter:you may not have an aquarium. but a big plasma screen can be just as dangerous.
4:50 am
>> reporter:a bookshelf overhead while your sleeping is not secure. >> reporter:likewise a tall dresser. unless it is bolted to the wall. >> reporter:check any overhead lamp fixtures to make sure they won't come down in a quake. >> reporter:keep a spare pair of shoes under your bed, because of possible broken glass. >> reporter:you should also make sure you have an emergency earthquake kit to get you through at least three days >> reporter:at least a gallon of bottled water per person per day. >> reporter:non- perishable items like canned or freeze=dried food. >> reporter:and tools. such as flashlights, lanterns and maybe a grill for cooking. >> reporter:break down maureen's pkg in the 5pm >> james:sunday's earthquake provides a valuable lesson on what people need to prepare for the next one. check any overhead lamp fixtures to make sure they won't come down in a quake.
4:51 am
this is the ten second alert that bart received at their main control room sunday morning when the napa quake started. >> james: the clinic and a sign on the door and let in patients and no dead there will be closed for a least a week. the clinic does that have been sort test bed or to solicit donations from the committee. >> james: if you worry about being on board when the appestats kids.
4:52 am
allen - it worked. >> james:the system was created with help from the university of california berkeley and shake alert, a multi agency group pushing for a state=wide earthquake alert john guy - by partnering with cal it allows us to have that extra lead time. it keeps our system holding and keeps its operational. >> reporter:bart had no trains running when the nappa quake hit. >> reporter:but if they had the early alert system would have automatically stopped or slowed down trains that were in danger of possible derailment. >> reporter:and train operators would have been
4:53 am
immediately notified so they could be prepared for further action. >> james:bart officials say the safest place to be on bart during an earthquake is the transbay tube.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>>: catalyst down for like five minutes and then everyone started coming outside in tracking down the street. one neighbor did that have a husband at home but said she came out and started checking house to house.
4:56 am
>>: one of the guys worked to his bed and one of the kids went through a window in that amount. >> james: the napa area has always been a ticket spot for weddings and one air 01, almost at the put those on hold. >> james: at first glance the bed and breakfast scene hard hit indicator even backed out. >>: i thought where we're going to have the wedding? >> james: the staff came
4:57 am
together in the wedding was back on to an indian love conquers all.
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>> james >> james: pliocene claude conditions over the city this morning. in lint it will be next and senate. today most the senate with a pleasant afternoon. tomorrow
5:01 am
sunday with '90s coming back into play. with a warming trend on hold. and friday giving as nice conditions. at 5:00 he didn't forecast in more detail. >> george: but like good conditions in the golden gate bridge. getting to another problem. there are delays coming off the wall belgrade. the road senses they're indicating the
5:02 am
delays for the south about 101 ride. you would see on the approach that were down to one lane. and that's still on the incident tracking so far. >> darya:here is the latest on the napa quake. there was another aftershock last night. it measured 2.9 in magnitude and struck around 5pm last night. >> darya:no reports of any shaking or damage from that. >> darya:meanwhile.p-g-and-e has restored power to all customers. >> darya:building inspectors have completed about 75 percent of their inspections and have red tagged 70 buildings >> darya:that number could go even higher today as more buildings are inspected. >> darya:schools in the napa unified school districts will be closed again today.
5:03 am
>> darya:this afternoon school officials will announce whether shcools will be reopened tomorrow. >> darya:and crews will be back out again today to continue work on the 90 broken water lines. >> mark: in vallejo.a delicate operation to save a historic church damaged by sunday's quake. >> mark: part of the church is at risk of collapsing and a large area has been cordoned >> mark: yesterday crews worked to the church and now believe >> reporter: they did not know that this building said have been a red tag. >> reporter: even they it meant that they are not experts about this. right
5:04 am
now there are signs right in front of it thus saith unsafe and do not enter. the lip but i hear that there will be serviced on sunday. and that's one day retrofit and that saved what happened on sunday. believe the bell tower would have fallen on the street. >> darya:sometime today the solano county board of supervisors will consider declaring the county under a state of emergency. >> darya:county officials estimated 750-thousand dollars in damage at county facilities >> darya: >> darya:the resolution would also allow the county
5:05 am
staff to process paperwork for reimbursements of resources used >> darya:to response to the earthquake. >> mark: two million dollars in emergency funding is coming to california to help repair any damage from sunday's earthquake. >> mark: so far, caltrans has identified about 10 million dollars worth in damages to the state's infrastructure. >> mark: crews will inspect bridge joints to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. >> mark: and while all bridges like the bay bridge are safe and open to traffic. the earthquake caused surface cracking on highway 121 at cuttings wharf and significant stress to the napa river bridge on highway 29. >> mark: we'll continue our coverage online at kron 4 dot com. and our facebook and twitter mobile app.
5:06 am
>> reporter: this is very near the epicenter of the earthquake. a replica of the debris falling. this is one of many surveillance soviet the videos. we want to see those pictures and and videos. download are mobile application today. you can also get them to us at the met at the breaking news at kron 4 dot com. >> james: blue sea some of the damage and all of this bill wind up head.
5:07 am
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>> george: there was some construction at the west and of the golden gate bridge. and that was backing up traffic on to the waldo gray. thankfully that construction work has been picked up. and check traffic will be flowing smoothly for the south on 101. >> darya:the napa valley vintners trade association is still assessing the effects sunday's earthquake had on napa county's wine industry. >> darya:cleanup is underway at a number wineries, including the hess collection winery in napa. >> darya:so much cabernet sauvignon wine spilled -- that it stained the ground red. >> darya:two large tanks with the red wine ruptured.
5:11 am
and it spilled into the winery's garden area. >> darya:nonetheless. the company expects to re-open its doors on tomorrow. >> mark: the fontanella family winery was also all about cleaning up the mess. >> mark: 90 percent of theese barrels came tumbling down into cases of bottled wine. >> mark: millions of dollars of 2012 everywhere. >> mark: as for the 20-14 harvest.the growers we spoke to say production should not be affected. >> darya: the latest on an apple schools and how teachers are dealing with the changes. and the united [ brian ] in a race, it's about gettin to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's importa to know the difference.
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tasty! mmy! >> james: already coming up
5:15 am
on us in fact in this weekend may be last bit of camping. it's taught to make out what to concede low cloud cover and some fall. we do have smoke clouds. corporate figures low 60s. 53 in oakland 58 in the livermore. a little cold start been yes today. >> james: which allow the clout coverage pushing up against the coast. but clouds will back off and burn off. and as a result
5:16 am
will see temperatures that are on the warmer side. 8347 clara plate. 87 degrees. will also see the upper 80s an anti-iraq and brentwood. housecoat the livermore valley. it will be cool as she had over into the hills oakland. in castro valley. 78 they're 75 and san leandro downtown oakland will be 75684 san francisco. in the north bay will be 77 in the bottle. it will be a nice afternoon today. >> james: with low 90s for wednesdays and thursdays.
5:17 am
and will keep it on the warm side do friday it through but holiday weekend. >> george: will now looking anything too serious by way of delays. will go there and on moment. first let's go to the westbound the bay bridge. although and about 30 minutes as the median lights will be activated around 545. it's still an easy trip. the roar to shut down last on the 280 extension that will stay close drop the weekend. >> george: 4 your richmond sell rust brown felt rich.
5:18 am
the toll plaza looks good. >> george: as elected east shore freeway no delays in its 11 minute drive. it's here that we have stalled truck in the westbound direction. and that's why traffic is starting to back felt in the off smart hat. were selling green on the roadway centers even for the trip out of the coyote valley. >> darya:the teenage boy who was critically injured by falling debris during sunday's quake has undergone surgery.and his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. >> darya:nicholas dylan was nearly crushed to death after the napa earthquake
5:19 am
caused a chimney to fall on top of him. >> darya:dylan was on the soccer team at new technology high school >> darya:his friends and family are wishing him a speedy recovery. >>: we are very grateful that it was not worse than what bid was. luckily he's young and is unable to help phone and save his life. >> darya:nicholas also told his aunt that he will never sleep >> mark: the napa valley school district has 18- thousand students and on monday they were told to stay home-- and today it will be another day of no class- so school staff could assess the quake damage and help with the clean up.
5:20 am
>> mark: the cleanup and structural analysis continues at schools throughout the napa valley unified school district. >> mark: one school still to be assessed is napa high school >> mark: the cafeteria now has it's own version of a fault line, one that school officials hope is just in need of a cosmetic repair and not a structural one. >> mark: teacher melinda miller has been on double clean up >> mark: she also lost personal artwork at her home when the quake hit but, as sad as it is, she is putting it in perspective. >>: i thought it was the worst in it's not that bad so it may be easier for me to put things in perspective and do would have to do. >> mark: again no school
5:21 am
today-- but as for wednesday, school officials should have an answer later this afternoon. >> reporter:a reminder to send your pictures to us through our free mobile app. >> reporter: including one that sent pitches from the victorian apartment. the well a lot of cleanup to do is hard to do and it is taken them hours. it is a daunting task for a lot of folks. keep these pictures and videos coming into a newsroom. if you can also
5:22 am
get them to us by a mellon at breaking the newest and kron 4 that,. >> mark: meanwhile people in peru are also cleaning up after a large earthquake. >> mark: a 6-point-9 magnitude quake hit the southern part of hot that country late sunday night. >> mark: so far there have been no reports of any injuries and the damage was minimal. >> mark: scientists say the quake was 37 miles deep and the believe that may have limited the impact on the surface. >> darya:the unrest in syria and iraq continues to be a concern for the u-s government. >> darya:president obama has authorized reconnaissance flights over syria, as officials consider expanding action against isists. >> darya:and u-s officials are considering acting against isis targets in syria -- despite warnings against such strikes without permission from syrian president bashar al-assad.
5:23 am
heartfelt goodbyes for michael brown in saint louis. >> darya:thousands gathered for his funeral, two weeks after the 18-year-old was killed by a police officer's bullet. >> darya:celebrities and activists were among those in attendance, including martin luther king iii, reverend jesse jackson, and the family of trayvon martin. >>:"michael brown must be remembered for more than disturbances." >>:"we will not accept 3/5ths justice. we will demand equal justice for michael brown junior." >> darya:a grand jury is deciding whether the officer who shot brown, darren wilson, will face criminal charges. >> darya:the justice department also is investigating. >> mark: four people are
5:24 am
dead this morning after a small plane crashed in ohio late last night. >> mark: the plane crashed shortly after take off. >> mark: everyone on board was killed. >> mark: there is no word yet on what caused the crash. >> mark: the n-t-s-b and f- a-a are investigating. female announcer: when you see this truck,
5:25 am
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every year on cable and satellite bills... pay-tv providers don't like that. they're pushing washington to change the rules and cripple free tv call congress. tell them to stand up for sixty million americans... ...and stand up to pay-tv providers. don't mess with free tv >> james: the s&p down 500 have to pull back. in the
5:28 am
nasdaq is a and 18. burger king may no longer be an american company. >> james:there are talks for the fast food chain to merge with canadian coffee chain tim hortons. >> james:combined, the company would be the world's third largest fast food chain behind mcdonald's and k-f-c. >> james:while both brands insist they would keep operating independently. the merger would allow b-k to potentially cut its tax bill. >> james:this is a growing trend among u-s companies called "inversion". when a company merges with a foreign business and relocates its headquarters out of the u-s. which has the highest corporate tax rate among developed countries.
5:29 am
>> james:the move is legal. >> james:burger king is currently based in miami. >> darya: if you're having trouble with your eyes phone battery you may be eligible of giving a new one. mac operating system is made for the 5 c. >> darya:you might be eligible for a free replacement. >> darya:apple said "a very small percentage" of iphone 5 smartphones may "suddenly life or need to be charged
5:30 am
>> darya: sold between september 2012 that fall within a certain range of serial numbers. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas.
5:31 am
brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
5:32 am
>> james: a lot of folks headed back to school today. timid to israel map and the emperor is low 60s. and lent it will be next and one. and by no and we will have temperatures drop. to 80 by the bed. it will be sunny
5:33 am
and warmer emlyn. and then tomorrow we will see '90s. keep that mine is a planning on what they're going to wear it may be a week of t- shirts and shorts. >> george: when that checking any have spots right now. traffic is still sluggish by green veil. will the westmount riding is about 15 minutes. iraq said the san mateo bridge in the '92 commute this problem free. your trip to the golden gate bridge in early morning blaze had been
5:34 am
picked up. alter richmond and no delays here and tell plaza. >> reporter: at second and brown street with the streets are still close. and this whole block of a brown street is basically set off. and inspectors are inspecting to go back out today and we and the numbers about those buildings how many have been red tag, in yellow tag. they say 70
5:35 am
buildings have been bred tag which are uninhabitable. where were also being told this to hundred buildings have been a yellow tag which means people can go inside. >> reporter: that's- obviously a long process. >>: we have a little bit of water in the back. and once
5:36 am
again that fix we should be open for business. >> reporter: now inspectors are supposed to be backed out today. and they expect to see more buildings and houses added. it will be a long process. and people died going out to clear these homes and businesses. >> reporter: obviously it's
5:37 am
unsafe for people to be down here in napa. and at second and brown with in see a lot of street closers here. >> reporter: and did you just do something as redundant last report. >> darya: disease sell anything we have reports of people standing sought an aftershock.
5:38 am
>> mark: at 3.9 is the smallest of the biggest aftershock ever saw it all for this three. . >> darya:49ers ceo jed york can't be too happy right now. >> darya:this is what the
5:39 am
field looked like monday at his $1.3 billion palace. >> darya:torn up at levi's stadium for the 2nd time in four the 49ers race against time to get new sod in place in time for their against the bears september 14th. >>'s not the way york and company wanted to showcase the stadium heading into the season.but the bermuda grass they laid in in mid april was too soft.players were digging out huge chunks with their cleats.slipping and was a big injury risk. >> darya:question 20 days enough for this new sod to grab hold.or will they have the same issues all year? as for the parking issues at levi's. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever?
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5:42 am
twizerizyoursummer f wittwizers. touh o those sumr nits >> george: 36 to 38 minutes your drive but easy ride through the south bay.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> mark: if you felt some shaking and that's what it was an aftershock. >> mark: unsure in place a that the most damage it was felt the their. and this is part of the west napa of
5:47 am
fault that has not been met before. >> george: as these to lower ones. these issues occurred this morning. west of the napa airport. >> mark: keep an eye on this we did expect have a number of aftershocks if you happen
5:48 am
to feel anything shaking let us know and send us a tweed. his ally at clyde looked outside. >> erica>> james: 58 in san josd in the north bay. were starting off technical note though we were yesterday. and as a good bit of that reason will be the clouds are born to be moved. >> james: will see temperatures warming as a gift to the upper 80s.
5:49 am
tekakwitha look at the numbers as well. 81 to 86 in the south bay. 68 in downtown san francisco. and they'll stay even through the rest of the week. and last in back of alumni this. freda sat there and looks great. >> george: as we continue to monitor a pretty good ride around the bay. the 580 ride is a little slow. still a great ride for the east or freeware. westbound highway 4 is not any traffic. in the
5:50 am
580 right 36 minutes for the trip had a bounce off, a path. there was a car fire here at willow park. >> george: the north of a rat looks good in through marin but let's look at the bridges. the lights were activated in 542. dry no backups for the san mateo bridge street and the 101 ride there is no delay.
5:51 am
>> darya: it's 550 right now in and five to 33 there was an aftershock. and jackie says she didn't feel any pain. >>: of absolutely positive i did not fill the after shock at all. there is a satellite
5:52 am
truck. the cross street he came and spoke to in this city definitely felt it. and a lot of the destruction was out in that area. we are starting to get a cluster of aftershocks. >> reporter: i didn't set
5:53 am
that doesn't mean a lot of people around the bay area didn't sell it. >> darya: and budget are there because you can tell us that the area is fine. calling areas to see their. >> mark: it's an early hour
5:54 am
to have to a hundred 72 responses. the responses will continue to comment. is the largest aftershock. scol sine mo?tles?
5:55 am
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5:57 am
>> mark: my wife called in to tell me about the up the sack you just felt. >> darya: i can't make anything out of that.
5:58 am
>> darya: would happen with you? >>: i didn't feel any pain, but this sounded like people were hitting the side of the house. and the doors were banking. we're trying to get to shake the map of to see how widespread was.
5:59 am
darya: did you fill sunday's strong as well? the battle at the flea soap sundays. >>: my house shipped in the bed sick and i definitely it was a serious earthquake.
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